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Whether you need a systems-implementation expert or a consultant with a legal background, Acquis can help your organization optimize its legal services and operations spend and processes.
Optimizing legal spend can be challenging, whether connecting your organization with the right number of legal firms to reduce legal spend or maintaining control and oversight of your legal team. Acquis understands these challenges. Our consultants include implementation experts, legal optimization veterans, and strategists who will help you streamline your services and optimize your legal costs and operations.

Our deep expertise and pointed skill set in sourcing, systems implementation, and legal matters enable us to help your firm develop a more efficient and effective legal function. Acquis employs a two-step approach: Legal Services & Operations Streamlining Process and Legal Systems Selection & Implementation Process.

Legal Services & Operations Streamlining Process
Acquis performs a deep-dive assessment to determine the points ripest for optimization. We use these findings to provide customized solutions based on best practices and years of benchmarking. Your organization will find near- and long-term solutions for cost reduction, gaining stronger oversight and control of your legal spend and operations, and streamlining your existing processes and procedures.

Legal Systems Selection & Implementation Process
Acquis implementation consultants lead the project management, requirements gathering, design, configuration, testing, change management, and stakeholder management services required to implement the chosen technology solutions for your firm. Our attention to detail and end-to-end knowledge of system implementation ensure quick and seamless execution, an immediate increase in process efficiency, and improved matter management.

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